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I want to thank John, Noa, Andrew and Kilin of Ko’olau for making me such a beautiful ukulele. When I approached them about this build, I told them I was looking for a more Spanish or classical guitar-sounding ukulele because my mentor, Howard Heitmeyer, had given me a sheaf of classical arrangements I’d like to learn and eventually record. The ukulele has not only met, but exceeded my expectations!

Custom instruments take skill, time and money (on my part). If one thinks about it, there’s no way a maker can financially recoup their cost in the price of a single instrument. This is our fourth (and a fifth in the works), custom Ko’olau ukulele and I will get every cent and more worth of pleasure from this instrument.

Here’s the link to, “A Man and A Woman.”

Duration : 0:2:53

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20 Responses to “Custom Ko’olau Pineapple Tenor Ukulele Review!”

  • craigbrandau says:

    @franguidry Hey …
    @franguidry Hey Fran! What’s cool is that all of the Ko’olaus sound great. Mine being a premium model just has more bling…. Of course, wood choice also makes a difference.

  • franguidry says:

    Craig, what a score …
    Craig, what a score!! My model 100 is brown with envy.


  • craigbrandau says:

    @fourteentwelve …
    @fourteentwelve Thanks Michelle! The pineapple and I have bonded and it’s now my main ukulele.

  • fourteentwelve says:

    Drooling over here! …
    Drooling over here!!! That is gorgeous Craig. You must be so happy with it. Such a beautiful instrument. Congratulations, and I’m sure it will bring you many years of pleasure!

  • craigbrandau says:

    @baouke Well, you …
    @baouke Well, you can! Just have to save your pennies and find a maker with a stash of old-growth wood, like Ko’olau!

  • baouke says:

    This is such a nice …
    This is such a nice uke!!!! And it sounds amazing!!!!! Wish I could have a uke with Brazilian Rosewood!!!

  • craigbrandau says:

    @deach69 So…. …
    @deach69 So….where’s your Ko’olau Pinapple? Hopefully you didn’t give it to Mickey or Donald!

  • deach69 says:


  • craigbrandau says:

    @calirosesings I’m …
    @calirosesings I’m happy and relieved that my wife is happy with husband’s new baby!….;)

  • calirosesings says:

    Happy husband, new …
    Happy husband, new baby!

  • craigbrandau says:

    @russbuss415 …
    @russbuss415 Thanks Russ! This sucker is LOUD! I can only imagine what it will sound like a year from now after it opens!

  • russbuss415 says:

    wow, nice. looks …
    wow, nice. looks and sounds great!

  • craigbrandau says:

    @JuKeBox661 Thanks!
    @JuKeBox661 Thanks!

  • JuKeBox661 says:

    Congrats! A very …
    Congrats! A very nice pineapple. As commented on facebook already.

  • craigbrandau says:

    @UKISOCIETY I’m having a hard time putting her down!

  • UKISOCIETY says:

    She’s a beauty, …
    She’s a beauty, Craig! Congratulations!

  • craigbrandau says:

    @UkeTunes Thanks …
    @UkeTunes Thanks much! I’m hoping to have another sound sample up shortly.

  • UkeTunes says:

    Congrats Craig! …
    Congrats Craig! She’s a beauty.

  • craigbrandau says:

    @paw123los Thanks …
    @paw123los Thanks much! I’ve spent hours trying to upload this video and another! Glad you’re able to see it, etc.

  • paw123los says:

    That’s a one …
    That’s a one beautifull ukulele. Congrats !

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